Course contents

The course is a comprehensive review of the tax issues affecting land and property and draws its contents from:

    The definition of land and property for tax purposes
  • MTD for landlords
  • The current position on the repair and renewals rules
  • CGT considerations on the sale of properties
  • Tax planning for the purchase
  • Tax relief on loans
  • Treatment of rental income
  • Rent-a-room relief
  • Capital Allowances Act and impact on properties and landlords
  • Property leases
  • Issues determining which legal entity should own the property
  • Tax issues for properties owned by limited companies and LLPs
  • Special considerations for commercial properties
  • The impact of the Finance Acts.

The exact contents are set about four weeks before the course and the details will be shown here.Dean Wootten's courses in Autumn 2018 will cover:

  • Mileage allowance and landlords - should you be claiming it?
  • Can landlords use the tax-free interest rules?
  • CGT payments on residential properties - all change
  • PPR update
  • Property issues affecting non-residents
  • Capital allowances on commercial property
  • Refresher on the ‘new’ interest rules
  • New finance rules for properties held in trust
  • Should you incorporate a buy to let portfolio?
  • How to incorporate a property business
  • Alternatives to incorporation
  • Developments in construction industry scheme
  • Topical property VAT issues
Course type
Land and property