Course contents

The VAT update is split into two sections: VAT update and common problem areas.

The VAT update covers recent changes to VAT legislation and will be tailored to the SME sector. It will draw its contents from:

    Budget and Finance Act changes
  • New VAT legislation
  • VAT Case law
  • Tribunal decisions
  • New EU VAT rules
  • VAT planning points
  • Changes brought about by the ‘Brexit’ negotiations.

The common VAT problem section will cover areas that are high risk in preparing or advising on VAT issues. The exact contents are set about four weeks before the course date to ensure they are right up to date and will be shown on

Simone's June courses will cover:

  • VAT and MTD – the current position and what you should be doing now
  • Current issues with VAT registrations and de-registrations – what are the real implications of ‘those questions’?
  • How to deal with VAT security requests
  • Bad debt recovery and using HMRC checklists
  • Aged creditor checks
  • Confusing different tax & VAT rules
  • Recharges
  • VAT and disbursements
  • Having the correct evidence to support input claims
  • VAT treatment on service charges
  • Alternative dispute resolution – how it works in practice
  • Other topical VAT issues
Course type