Course contents

The new rules were implemented by the SRA in November 2019 and the course will explain your firm’s role as the reporting accountant.

  • While shorter, and apparently simpler than the existing rules, things are not quite as straight-forward with the new rules.
  • Full coverage of the new rules and how to use them
  • What work falls within your remit?
  • Where are the ‘rules’ for the work you are expected to do?
  • Are your Letters of Engagement now out of date?
  • How to report to the SRA and what has changed
  • The new AR1
  • How to deal with split accounting periods.
  • What are reportable breaches? The course explains how to report.
  • How will you meet the requirements?
  • Why systems and controls review work has become even more important
  • What is the latest guidance – from both the SRA and ICAEW.
  • This course will look at the changes to the rules, the extra layer of judgement now required and the latest ICAEW guidance on reportable breaches.

    The course is presented by Janet Taylor who is a leading specialist and consultant on Solicitors’ Accounts Rules.

    This is an update course which assumes prior knowledge of Solicitors’ accounts rules and is not suitable for junior staff.

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