Course contents

The course looks at the issues affecting farmers in 2019/20. The course will draw its contents from the topics shown below but will reflect topical issues at the time of the course.

    The Brave New World: farming after Brexit
  • Current state of international trade and its implication for the agricultural industry
  • Current issues and outlook for the main farming sectors: dairy, arable, beef and sheep
  • Strategies for short and medium-term success
  • Latest information on support frameworks: public money for public goods - what it means in practice now and in future
  • Future support regimes
  • Inheritance and succession: Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax, business structures revisited; other taxation pitfalls
  • The continuing role of diversification: key risks and their management
  • Specific farming taxation and accountancy issues. Please note the course includes taxation issues but is not a tax course and it will look at a range of issues affecting the rural economy and the accountancy profession.
Course type
Taxation of farmers