Course contents

This course covers the major tax events arising in the previous three to six months which will include the Budgets and 2019 Finance Bill/Act (as applicable). The course covers issues that affect clients met in General Practice.

    Company tax
  • Income tax
  • VAT ¬
  • National Insurance ¬
  • CGT -
  • IHT ¬
  • Recent cases and tax legislation changes.

The tax updates are held two or three times a year at all venues. The exact contents are set about four weeks before the course and you will find details at

Dean Wootten's course will cover:

  • Entrepreneurs’ relief update
  • Review and update on overdrawn director’s loans
  • IR35 update
  • VAT and the construction industry reverse charge
  • What trading format is most tax efficient for 2019/20?
  • Capital allowances update and update on leased assets
  • Car benefit changes for 2019 to 2021
  • Current best practice on the dividend vs bonus vs pension split
  • Director’s loans in credit
  • Impact of alphabet share changes
  • Keeping income below £100000
  • Practical issues when changing a company’s accounting date
  • Should your client be a director or consultant?
  • Unlawful dividends and dividend waivers
  • Update on Finance Act
  • Update on property rental income

Kevin Read's course will cover:
Income tax

  • Rates and allowances, including Scottish and Welsh taxpayers
  • Optional remuneration arrangements for cars and vans
  • Exemptions related to business travel
  • Entrepreneurs’ relief (ER)- Change to definition of qualifying shareholding- Doubling of minimum ownership period- New elections to protect ER where shareholdings are diluted below 5%
  • Extension of charge on non-residents to UK commercial property and land
  • Changes to the payment and filing rules when selling UK land and buildings
  • Amendments to the rules on residence nil rate band ‘downsizing’
    Business tax
  • Introduction of new ‘structures and buildings allowance’
  • Temporary increase in the Annual Investment Allowance, including transitional rules
  • Reduction in writing down allowance on special rate pool
  • Planned abolition of the enhanced capital allowance regime for ‘green’ technology
    Corporation tax
  • Reinstatement of tax amortisation of goodwill in some circumstances
  • Leases – tax impact of changes to accounting standards
  • Relief for first-time buyers in cases of shared ownership
  • Reclaiming the supplementary charge for additional residences
  • Reverse charge
  • Changes to the treatment of vouchers
  • Allowing non-corporates to be members of a group registration
  • Offshore tax liabilities
  • Changes to the time limits for assessments
  • Security deposits
  • Voluntary tax returns
  • Review of recent cases
  • Planned extension of ‘off-payroll’ working rules to the private sector from April 2020
    Major changes planned to PPR relief from April 2020, including
  • Reduction in ‘last 18 months’ deemed occupation rule
  • Introduction of a shared occupancy test for ‘letting relief’
  • Changes to the rules on inter-spousal transfers
  • Introduction of employer’s NICs on certain termination payments from April 2020.
  • Course type
    General tax