Course contents

This course is designed for accountants involved higher-level IHT & trust planning and compliance. The course draws its contents from:

    Refresher of current IHT rules
  • Impact of Finance Acts
  • Inheritance Tax planning
  • Maximising reliefs and exemptions
  • The use of trusts and IHT planning
  • Update on the taxation of trusts .

This course looks at tax solutions for higher-rate & higher-wealth clients. It is aimed at clients with £1m or more of free assets or incomes more than £100,000 pa. It looks at a range of legal tax-saving (i.e. no schemes) ideas. The course contents will be drawn from:

    Planning within the family
  • Tax-efficient structures for the high-rate tax payer
  • Tax strategies for spouses
  • Home sharing arrangements and family homes
  • Pension contributions
  • CGT and entrepreneurs’ relief ¬
  • Tax-efficient will and estate planning for 2018/19
  • CGT & IHT planning
  • Income planning
  • Impact of the Finance Acts.


The exact contents are set about 4 weeks before the course and will be posted here when available.

Course type
Inheritance tax