Course contents

The VAT update is split into two sections: VAT update and common problem areas.

The VAT update covers recent changes to VAT legislation and will be tailored to the SME sector. It will draw its contents from:

    Budget and Finance Act changes
  • New VAT legislation
  • VAT Case law
  • Tribunal decisions
  • New EU VAT rules
  • VAT planning points
  • Changes brought about by the ‘Brexit’ negotiations.

The common VAT problem section will cover areas that are high risk in preparing or advising on VAT issues. The exact contents are set about four weeks before the course date to ensure they are right up to date and will be shown on here.

The May and June 2019 courses will cover:

  • Latest developments and changes to MTD as the first returns approachHow to correct VAT errors - Latest developments on taxpayer exemptions from MTD - Which taxpayers have been deferred to the autumn or later - Latest guidance on what constitutes ‘proper digital records’ - The MTD penalties, when they start, what they are and exemptions for the first 12 months - Multiple supply rates under MTD - MTD and VAT schemes
  • Changes to 700/1 – Who should register for VAT?
  • How to register in an MTD world? Including current approach on asking for security and how to appeal.
  • Changes to transfer of a going concern (700/9)
  • VAT and bad debt relief
  • Cancelling your registration in an MTD world (700/11)
  • Developments in Educational and Vocational Training (701/30)
  • VAT and sponsorship (701/41)
  • Changes to cash accounting and flat rate scheme
  • Review of place of supply and how it impacts international trading
  • Refresher on subsistence, entertaining etc
  • Reverse charge for the construction industry – what you need to do now
  • Brexit and VAT – a review of the current situation including areas such as MOSS, claiming back VAT incurred during European visits, retail sales by ‘post’ etc.
  • VAT on unfulfilled supplies
  • New rules on reduced value supplies and credit notes
  • Dealing with VAT 5L form
  • Vouchers and tax points
  • How to deal with HMRC’s current approach to compliance visits- Unannounced visits and what powers do HMRC have?- Targeted visits- How to handle the visit and what HMRC can and cannot request- Impact on MTD to visits. What powers and what can they ask for as a download?- Can they access your or your client’s computer?- How to challenge the outcome of the visit
  • Course type