A very big thank you


I would just like to thank the lecturers who have really helped in the last few days. These are
- Martyn Ingles and Alexandra Durrant who both had their courses cancelled at incredibly short notice and were so understanding and helpful.
- Giles - instant reply to let me know whatever was needed he would work with us. Thank you.
- Tim for his phone call

And John, Charles, Janet and Andy who have now made changing May so much easier.


Thank you to:
- Yorkshire Air Museum - they have also had to close until the summer and hope they are soon up and running.
- The Cheshire View, Cheshire - losing a huge event at short notice is never nice but they did everything they could. It is why they are so professional
- Mercure Bolton - thank you for the extra help.

If I can we will be back at these venues they compromised, helped and realised the situation is awful for all and out of my control.

A couple of venues we won't be returning to when the 'war' is over - their attitude has made it clear they do not want business or compromise. Their choice - we are all losing, no winners. Some venues and The Smart Training Group have had to make compromises a week ago none of us ever envisaged.


Thank you for so many emails and comments of support from delegates, particularly on Sunday and Monday when it was not clear whether cancelling was the right thing to do. It was and is now clear.

And to Robert and Janet in Preston for their wise suggestions.

Everything's gonna be alright