Webinar feedback

Dean has removed the comments section (by mistake) on his facebook page but here are some comments we received

This is fantastic – finally an organisation that isn’t trying to make money on the back of these very challenging times. I have also found the content extremely useful. Well done to all involved.

Kind regards

Fantastic Bryn, that is a superb gesture – I’ll share them with our team.

Kind Regards

Many thanks Bryn
That is very much appreciated

Thank you very much - I have watched the Self employment Income Support Scheme webinar and I have found it very useful.

Kind regards

Many Thanks for the lectures they were great

Keep safe

I've just watched – thanks very much

Excellent summaries

Thank you for this, really appreciate.

Thank you these will be very useful and I’m listening to the first of the three now!

Thanks again

I would like to say a really big thank you for making the webinars available, they have proved extremely useful in bringing clarity to various aspects of the schemes.