Update on Tim Good's course contents

The three hour version of the December 2018 update covers:

• Excel filer
• Group company information of tax return
• Capital allowances claimed late
• UK GAAP and loan relationships
• Director’s liability for PAYE
• Post-employment notice to pay
• IR35
• Self-employed or worker?
• Fuel benefit or no benefit
• Catching up on missing NI
• Class 2 NI
• Welsh taxpayers
• Failure to submit NR CGT return on time
• Exclusions for online filing
• Allocation of allowances
• SEIS and EIS
• Ordinary share capital
• BPR on holiday lets
• Annual investment allowance
• Special rate pool
• CA’s on car charge points
• CA’s for buildings
• Non-resident companies and UK property businesses
• Taxation of self-funded work-related training
• Employment allowance
• Private residence relief

The 2 hour version will edit these down but include coverage of the Budget changes