Statement from Bryn 4 June

It has become apparent that a third-party training organisation has contacted many firms of accountants to advise The Smart Training Group has closed down.

This is not correct.

I have not given permission for my name to be used in those emails and none was requested. It is at best economical with the facts.


The Smart Training Group is a small business and only ran courses at venues. Due to the virus it become apparent it was too small to survive.

  • It is going to be a very long time before courses can be held at venues in the volumes needed
  • Even if they were the social distancing rules mean that a room that could hold 100 will now only seat 20 – i.e. 2 metres round each table. I have drawn up the plans.
  • Add to this how do I get people in the room, serve coffees, how do you run a 15 minute toilet break with 1 person at a time?
  • With lecturers costing between £1500 and £2000 a half day (including expenses) there is no way I can make it work for 20 people.
  • I also cannot create webinars in the volume they are needed to make it work. Each webinar costs me >£1000 to make and I just do not have the volume to compete.

    Mercia Group

    ... have taken over They have far more resources and online library of relevant webinars I could ever offer you and we are working together to bring you a programme which includes your usual favourite topics and much more. I am not required in the business and will move on to new things.

    They have been wonderful to deal with and have a very similar approach to customer service as I always have.

    Thank you

    I cannot thank you all enough for all your bookings and custom over the years. The offering from Mercia Group is an excellent option for your business and includes training, compliance products and marketing content. Many of you already make use of their audit and compliance manuals.

    They have every intention of restarting a full range of courses, not just updates, as soon as it is sensible to do so.

    I will let you decide on the rights and wrongs of the information you are receiving.

    4 June 2020