FAQs about the Mercia takeover

Do I need to rebook on the webinars?

We have tried to ensure that nearly every course that was on the 2020 venue programme is available as a webinar. However, we would not assume you need the same training nor take your bookings for granted.

This means could you please rebook for the webinars of your choice? However, we will be pleased to help you select the correct webinars and the best cost package.

What about the courses paid for before the change?

Only the March 2020 courses were invoiced by The Smart Training Group.

No courses for April to December 2020 were invoiced and you did not pay for them.

All March 2020 courses were credited back. If there was a balance on your account a cheque has been raised.

Please check your accounting records before contacting us.

Have the bank accounts changed?

Yes, the bank accounts have changed. Please do not make payments to the old bank references you have. Those accounts have been or will be closed.

You must use the details on the invoices sent from Mercia Group

14 June 2020